Children’s Bible Quizzing

Children’s Christian Bible Quizzing is designed for children grades 1-6.  The children will be introduced to Dr. Digalot, a “world famous archaeologist”, and his sidekick, Canteen the Camel, for a fun way to study the Bible.  They will journey through 20 sessions of pre-selected Books of the Bible. The study has an archaeological theme, and each dig site (lesson) will help children learn basic Bible study methods, memorize scripture, and understand the Bible.

We will be reading from the NEW International Version, translation of the Bible.  There are 2 different levels: RED and BLUE used for review questions.  RED-more simplified, usually for beginners or younger kids.  BLUE-involves more recall, usually for experienced or older kids.  Children may use the level best suited for their needs.

Quiz practice is on Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm from Fall to Spring (during the school year).  Throughout the year the kids have the opportunity to meet other children learning God’s word during the exciting quiz meets!

All needed materials are supplied; donations are accepted.  The children will each receive a student study book, mini bible, folder, and pencils.  Towards the middle of the year, special quiz t-shirts will be ordered.  After quiz meets, children will be rewarded with certificates, medals, and trophies.

We are excited to start again August 18, 2019! Spread the word and invite family and friends grades 1-6!

We just completed our Local Quiz in January 2020. Our next quiz meets are as follows:

  • March 7th Area Quiz at Weirton Nazarene
  • April 4th District Quiz at Pierpont Nazarene
  • May for our Regional Quiz at Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Contact the church if you have any more questions.

Here is a link with even more general information about Children’s Bible Quizzing.